You may take hints from the word entry for today. Oh my little heart. *sobs* Why do you do this to me, IU? *sobs*



Posted it late and since enrollment took like forever today I'm posting this. Forever is used as an adverb in this sense. Noun form is spelled as, 영.


365 Days Challenge

I think it's kind of a fad at the moment. People taking on some kind of "n-long day challenge" by posting material about that challenge in their SNS accounts. I've seen a lot of this nowadays and it is fortunate that I haven't encountered someone who did a bizarre one. Most materials concern writing challenges, post a picture of your bias' weird face challenge and other whatsits. So, I made up my mind to take one.

This challenge is purely a challenge directed to me by me. And because lately I have been trying to learn the Korean language, I think there is nothing more fitting than for me to do some sort of a Korean vocabulary challenge. The aim is to learn a new word each day, make a PS banner of each word and post them here so that hopefully, after 365 days I have learned 365 new Korean words. Sounds great, right?

So here is Day 1:

Back to Photoshop

I know that we all agree that Photoshop is the best image editing software that has been done. I understand that it was able to render a top-quality service to all of us, starting from those who work on digital image industry up to a student who works on a prom proposal banner. (Hell, even models are using it now like a beauty product.)

But you see, that wasn't the case for me. I was a tad bit reluctant to use it. Saying I will never learn even the basics of it, I then resorted to using other online and offline image editing softwares and of course the infamous Paint for all my immediate image editing needs.

Deeming I don't need it, I ditched it altogether but I think I need to take back what I said. Now, let's learn Photoshop together.

This is my lame attempt at PS again.
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