365 Days Challenge

I think it's kind of a fad at the moment. People taking on some kind of "n-long day challenge" by posting material about that challenge in their SNS accounts. I've seen a lot of this nowadays and it is fortunate that I haven't encountered someone who did a bizarre one. Most materials concern writing challenges, post a picture of your bias' weird face challenge and other whatsits. So, I made up my mind to take one.

This challenge is purely a challenge directed to me by me. And because lately I have been trying to learn the Korean language, I think there is nothing more fitting than for me to do some sort of a Korean vocabulary challenge. The aim is to learn a new word each day, make a PS banner of each word and post them here so that hopefully, after 365 days I have learned 365 new Korean words. Sounds great, right?

So here is Day 1:

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