You may take hints from the word entry for today. Oh my little heart. *sobs* Why do you do this to me, IU? *sobs*



Posted it late and since enrollment took like forever today I'm posting this. Forever is used as an adverb in this sense. Noun form is spelled as, 영.


365 Days Challenge

I think it's kind of a fad at the moment. People taking on some kind of "n-long day challenge" by posting material about that challenge in their SNS accounts. I've seen a lot of this nowadays and it is fortunate that I haven't encountered someone who did a bizarre one. Most materials concern writing challenges, post a picture of your bias' weird face challenge and other whatsits. So, I made up my mind to take one.

This challenge is purely a challenge directed to me by me. And because lately I have been trying to learn the Korean language, I think there is nothing more fitting than for me to do some sort of a Korean vocabulary challenge. The aim is to learn a new word each day, make a PS banner of each word and post them here so that hopefully, after 365 days I have learned 365 new Korean words. Sounds great, right?

So here is Day 1:

Back to Photoshop

I know that we all agree that Photoshop is the best image editing software that has been done. I understand that it was able to render a top-quality service to all of us, starting from those who work on digital image industry up to a student who works on a prom proposal banner. (Hell, even models are using it now like a beauty product.)

But you see, that wasn't the case for me. I was a tad bit reluctant to use it. Saying I will never learn even the basics of it, I then resorted to using other online and offline image editing softwares and of course the infamous Paint for all my immediate image editing needs.

Deeming I don't need it, I ditched it altogether but I think I need to take back what I said. Now, let's learn Photoshop together.

This is my lame attempt at PS again.
geeksrgreat is the handle I often use in my SNS and Blog accounts.


A Gamer’s Quirk: To buy or not to buy?

As a gamer, casual or hardcore, I know you have asked that question to yourself a lot of times while standing in front of a game store or maybe while holding a copy of the game you currently want. You see, whether gaming is a necessity to us or just a past time, we all have quirks about buying them because we know that there are available resources that can be cheaper or free but can give you the almost the same feel and quality.
These are days when people are tight with cash. With all the US going into recession, one can only imagine the fate of a college student living in a third world country like me. You see, gaming here has become something so heavily priced that is why most gamers here resort to illegal downloading. I can’t say much for other countries, but that also seems to be the situation there.

I’ve had my fair share of illegal downloading, yes but that does not mean I am a supporter of piracy. We all know the downside of it and I’m sure most gamers out there won’t like the sound of gaming companies closing because of the classic shit. I would like to think that I am sailing into the “I love the game but not its price” side. Practicality wise, I’m sure most people would choose to buy food or medicine before buying a game. What is the use of buying a game when you can’t play it because you are hungry or you are sick?

I guess this should be a call for both game manufacturers and gamers out there. For game manufacturers, I think it is time you try to give your games reasonable prices. I mean prices that can be paid for by average earning people. For gamers, if you love a game and you have all the resources why not try to support the gaming companies by buying an original copy of their game that you really liked, ne? Game trials are there to give you a preview of the game and I know that wouldn’t suffice for our insatiable gaming hunger so think of this: I’ll be downloading this game for now, if I like it and have means buying it, I’ll buy it because I love the gaming company who made it for me.

Sounds, fair? I hope so. You see, in our world right now with all the economic backlash I guess all it takes is a heart for all the people and smart consumerism. If we want to satiate our gaming needs, we might as well think of satiating it for the long run. Games are there, but game companies are not forever so as gamers, we should learn to love the game companies who bring to us games we will forever love. As for the gaming companies, try looking out and hanging around with us gamers so you can have a piece of our sentiments too and oh, please try lowering game prices. I know most of us will absolutely love that.

*Author's note: This article is posted at Emuparadise's The Gamer's Voice section as an entry for their 12th anniversary contest


That Girl From Harry Potter

You know, I seldom talk about my fandom. I mean, I speak of it. I update on Facebook regarding it. Sometimes, I even tweet extensively about it. But looking back, I really don't think I have talked about any one of it in a full-scale manner such as posting it in a blog post. You see, it's a bit awkward but yeah, who can deny a crazed fan to say something nice sometimes, right?

Rewind 10 years, the Harry Potter books were at last getting its first big screen treatment. Many were excited about it. Some fans are anxious. In fact, so anxious that they were worried about how the film makers are going to butcher the books. Fortunately, the film was able to live up to the fans' sky-high expectations. To everybody's relief, the films turned out magnificent. Every page of the book was brilliantly visualized. Every bit of the wizarding world was coming to life.

It cannot be denied that the film makers' talents were at top form. They are able to give life to the things that once only lived in each of the readers' minds. But I guess as much as we credit the film makers for the wonderful film, the actors also deserve their own dose of recognition as well. Every actor made an incredible effort of bringing life to the characters we love. And up until this day, I think I have come to terms with myself that as much as I love the character, I also love the actor who gave life to it.

Thus explaining my rather insane fandom for Emma Watson. (I am also a fan of Dan Radcliffe but I guess, my fandom for her is bigger.) I mean, who wouldn't love this little girl?

That painful articulateness, her crazy disheveled hair, bossy nature, and the know-it-all aura was perfect. And as JK Rowling puts it, she had found her perfect Hermione. Emma Watson was the perfect fit for the character of Hermione. But as many people know, most actors who are boxed into the character they are known so well for playing have a hard time going out and making the big transition from being known as the one who played that character to being someone who is known for playing more than that character. Happily for her, she was able to make the big transition. Filming some movies in between Potter and studying were the ones that I think made the largest breakthrough for her.

As the Potter films progressed, Emma Watson alongside her co-stars aged, and I must say that she grew up rather gorgeously. From being the goody two shoes Hermione to the gorgeous Emma. She was practically running premieres left and right with a stunning look. Emma Watson was a scene stealer, head turner and heart snatcher. Every man was gaping at her while every woman looked at her amazingly. And who would not be, with this face?

From Hermione Granger to the Most Beautiful Face of 2011, this girl clearly had had the taste of both worlds. Sure enough, she wasn't a clean cut girl as we had hoped to be for she sure has some troubles (and a lot of nasty issues) to deal with, but come on. She's just like everybody else, right? And I guess for me, that mesmerizing eyes, sexy smile, gorgeous face, and a witty brain to top it all off will just be enough to win me over.

PS: I am looking forward to her playing Sam in the Perks of Being A Wallflower. I think Sam can provide a new avenue of acting for her.


Now on to something better

This man has been somebody so moving for me. He has done a lot for my faith and in this video he shares something we can all relate to. I do hope it inspires you as much as it did for me. May God bless you.


The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2011

I was kind of trying to find Zooey Deschanel. But nevertheless, I am very very very happy. My favorite witch is top 1. I just love you, Emma Watson.


Charlie's Infinite Playlist

I don't usually try to find everything I read in the books I read. But I find this baffling. Really suits the book. Now I know why Charlie liked this very much.


I think life has been hard for most of the people who live in this world. Some people might even have it harder. But I guess, what matters in this life is the decisions we make. I mean without these decisions we wouldn't be right where we are now, aren't we? Decisions give life to the life we live. Every single bit of our life entails decisions, however small they are, that are needed to be decided upon. From the moment you decide on what to do from the moment you wake up, until the moment you decide on what job you want to have.

I remember reading a line from Stephen Chbosky's book, The Perks of being A Wallflower which says,
"But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from,we can still choose where we go from there."
this quote is practically something for me. No, I don't consider myself being the same as Charlie but what I am trying to point out is that we are always the master of our own life. We can always choose what path we are going to take among the endless array of choices life has to offer and it won't matter if it isn't always right. After all, what are choices for if only one path is right and consequently needs to be taken?

So go ahead, make a decision today and make it something worth giving a shot.