A Gamer’s Quirk: To buy or not to buy?

As a gamer, casual or hardcore, I know you have asked that question to yourself a lot of times while standing in front of a game store or maybe while holding a copy of the game you currently want. You see, whether gaming is a necessity to us or just a past time, we all have quirks about buying them because we know that there are available resources that can be cheaper or free but can give you the almost the same feel and quality.
These are days when people are tight with cash. With all the US going into recession, one can only imagine the fate of a college student living in a third world country like me. You see, gaming here has become something so heavily priced that is why most gamers here resort to illegal downloading. I can’t say much for other countries, but that also seems to be the situation there.

I’ve had my fair share of illegal downloading, yes but that does not mean I am a supporter of piracy. We all know the downside of it and I’m sure most gamers out there won’t like the sound of gaming companies closing because of the classic shit. I would like to think that I am sailing into the “I love the game but not its price” side. Practicality wise, I’m sure most people would choose to buy food or medicine before buying a game. What is the use of buying a game when you can’t play it because you are hungry or you are sick?

I guess this should be a call for both game manufacturers and gamers out there. For game manufacturers, I think it is time you try to give your games reasonable prices. I mean prices that can be paid for by average earning people. For gamers, if you love a game and you have all the resources why not try to support the gaming companies by buying an original copy of their game that you really liked, ne? Game trials are there to give you a preview of the game and I know that wouldn’t suffice for our insatiable gaming hunger so think of this: I’ll be downloading this game for now, if I like it and have means buying it, I’ll buy it because I love the gaming company who made it for me.

Sounds, fair? I hope so. You see, in our world right now with all the economic backlash I guess all it takes is a heart for all the people and smart consumerism. If we want to satiate our gaming needs, we might as well think of satiating it for the long run. Games are there, but game companies are not forever so as gamers, we should learn to love the game companies who bring to us games we will forever love. As for the gaming companies, try looking out and hanging around with us gamers so you can have a piece of our sentiments too and oh, please try lowering game prices. I know most of us will absolutely love that.

*Author's note: This article is posted at Emuparadise's The Gamer's Voice section as an entry for their 12th anniversary contest

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