That Girl From Harry Potter

You know, I seldom talk about my fandom. I mean, I speak of it. I update on Facebook regarding it. Sometimes, I even tweet extensively about it. But looking back, I really don't think I have talked about any one of it in a full-scale manner such as posting it in a blog post. You see, it's a bit awkward but yeah, who can deny a crazed fan to say something nice sometimes, right?

Rewind 10 years, the Harry Potter books were at last getting its first big screen treatment. Many were excited about it. Some fans are anxious. In fact, so anxious that they were worried about how the film makers are going to butcher the books. Fortunately, the film was able to live up to the fans' sky-high expectations. To everybody's relief, the films turned out magnificent. Every page of the book was brilliantly visualized. Every bit of the wizarding world was coming to life.

It cannot be denied that the film makers' talents were at top form. They are able to give life to the things that once only lived in each of the readers' minds. But I guess as much as we credit the film makers for the wonderful film, the actors also deserve their own dose of recognition as well. Every actor made an incredible effort of bringing life to the characters we love. And up until this day, I think I have come to terms with myself that as much as I love the character, I also love the actor who gave life to it.

Thus explaining my rather insane fandom for Emma Watson. (I am also a fan of Dan Radcliffe but I guess, my fandom for her is bigger.) I mean, who wouldn't love this little girl?

That painful articulateness, her crazy disheveled hair, bossy nature, and the know-it-all aura was perfect. And as JK Rowling puts it, she had found her perfect Hermione. Emma Watson was the perfect fit for the character of Hermione. But as many people know, most actors who are boxed into the character they are known so well for playing have a hard time going out and making the big transition from being known as the one who played that character to being someone who is known for playing more than that character. Happily for her, she was able to make the big transition. Filming some movies in between Potter and studying were the ones that I think made the largest breakthrough for her.

As the Potter films progressed, Emma Watson alongside her co-stars aged, and I must say that she grew up rather gorgeously. From being the goody two shoes Hermione to the gorgeous Emma. She was practically running premieres left and right with a stunning look. Emma Watson was a scene stealer, head turner and heart snatcher. Every man was gaping at her while every woman looked at her amazingly. And who would not be, with this face?

From Hermione Granger to the Most Beautiful Face of 2011, this girl clearly had had the taste of both worlds. Sure enough, she wasn't a clean cut girl as we had hoped to be for she sure has some troubles (and a lot of nasty issues) to deal with, but come on. She's just like everybody else, right? And I guess for me, that mesmerizing eyes, sexy smile, gorgeous face, and a witty brain to top it all off will just be enough to win me over.

PS: I am looking forward to her playing Sam in the Perks of Being A Wallflower. I think Sam can provide a new avenue of acting for her.

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